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Social Anxiety

It’s normal to feel some anxiety in some new social situations, but if you notice that this anxiety has become unmanageable and intense, or that you avoid interacting with others out of a fear of making a mistake or being judged by them you might be struggling with social anxiety.


In contrast to typical jitters or nervousness you might experience on a first date or before having to speak before a large group of people, social anxiety leads to avoidance of social situations that can interfere in your day to day living through work, school, or other experiences you seek to have.


People who experience social anxiety typically struggle with:

  • Fear of being judged

  • Excessive worry about being embarrassed

  • Fear of talking with strangers

  • Experiencing anxiety in anticipation of a feared event

  • Expecting worst possible outcome related to a negative social interaction


If you believe you struggle with social anxiety, there is another way to manage your experience. Contact me today to learn more and start your new journey now.

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