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What is Holistic Therapy?

Holistic therapy is an integrated approach to understanding and validating the human experience. It is therapy that considers the whole person- mind, body, and spirit. Holistic therapy not only addresses the psychological ramifications of personal struggles and behavior, it assesses and treats within physical and spiritual contexts as well. It operates from the assumption that when one of these aspects becomes unbalanced, all aspects are affected.


I help individuals establish/re-establish meaning and purpose in life, affirm and actualize their existence, find balance mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually and be at peace overall. In addition to my traditional training in clinical psychology, my training in both nutritional and energy psychology have assisted me with this effort and help me consider the totality of being human in my work.


What concerns do I address?


Psychological Components: My primary training rests in the understanding of various mental conditions a person may be working to manage. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I am able to help sort through and assess thoughts, emotions and behaviors in service of helping you determine a plan of action and valued direction. I am a proponent and practitioner of mindfulness and incorporate this into all areas of my work with clients.


Physical Components: When considering a client’s presenting symptoms and struggles, I also evaluate how the physical body is involved and affected with the goal of facilitating a sense of physical well-being. Dietary preferences, gut health, body movement, energy healing, and your overall relationship with your body are among some of the topics we might discuss together.


Spiritual Components: I acknowledge the human spirit and believe it is intricately involved in the healing of the total person. While I approach spirituality in a generalized way, I welcome all belief systems and work to incorporate my clients’ personal orientation into the spiritual work that is done in a therapeutic environment. Prayer, meditation, soul work, and existential questioning are among the practices I draw upon in my work with clients.


I help people who are seeking assistance with:

  • Nutrition, mental health and general wellness

  • Mindfulness and meditation

  • Spiritual questioning and resolving internal disagreements with their beliefs

  • Personal values and aligning with these values through intentional action

  • Existential concerns and anxieties related to death and dying

  • Religious trauma



If you believe a holistic approach is a good fit for you and would like to learn more, contact me to schedule your free consultation.

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