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The 8 Phases of EMDR

  • Phase 1: History Taking-  I will start by collecting more information about your background and experience. During this phase I am looking at the areas you would like to address with the EMDR therapy and learning more about the foundation of your experiences.

  • Phase 2: Preparation for EMDR- During this phase of the therapy, I will teach you coping skills and build on your strengths and resources.  This is to help prepare you for EMDR reprocessing so that it progresses most efficiently.

  • Phase 3: Assessment and setting up the EMDR target: Once I know which issues you would like to address, we will start setting up the “target” (issue that we will focus on) for reprocessing.

  • Phase 4: Desensitization- We do the actual reprocessing of our identified target using eye movements until there is no longer any disturbance associated with it.

  • Phase 5: Installation- After desensitization is complete, we will continue to use eye movements to focus on integrating your chosen positive belief and adaptive perspective related to the experience.

  • Phase 6: Body Scan- In this phase, I will have you bring your attention to your whole body to determine if there is any residual disturbance. We will use eye movements to help clear any disturbance that may remain.

  • Phase 7: Closure- This phase helps you integrate your new adaptive perspective into your day to day life.

  • Phase 8: Re-evaluation- At subsequent sessions we are re-assessing the treatment effects from the previous session to make sure that they have been sustained or to assess where we need to resume the work.

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