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"Why don't you don't take insurance?"

First and foremost, I want to work for YOU, not your insurance company. There are many benefits to paying out of pocket and eliminating third party payors.

  • Paying out of pocket increases privacy and ensures complete confidentiality. Your treatment records remain in one place with me. To receive reimbursement from insurance, I am required to release some treatment records including diagnostic information and progress notes. I cannot guarantee what happens to these records or how they will be used by insurance once they are in possession of them. This is one of the primary reasons I do not work with insurance- I am not able to fully honor my ethical obligation to fully adhere to confidentiality for my clients.


  • Another benefit of paying out of pocket is there are no hidden fees or unexpected price increases, as can be the case with insurance should certain diagnoses or treatments be provided. There is also no deductible to meet, worry about claims being denied, or caps on the number of sessions or the amount of time we are able to meet.


  • Insurance requires a diagnosis be provided to reimburse. This record follows you, as any other health diagnosis does, and may be considered a “pre-existing” condition in some circumstances. I believe diagnosis should remain between a client and their provider and should not preclude individuals from seeking support when needed if they do not meet diagnostic criteria.


  • Paying out of pocket benefits you by allowing me to keep a smaller caseload, increase my responsiveness and availability, and have time to engage in adequate research, training, and treatment planning to ensure your care is tailored to meet your individual needs.

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